Minimal Bohemian Kid Bedrooms

Minimal Bohemian Kid's Bedrooms via Sycamore Street Press

I’ve neglected Lars and Ingrid’s room for far too long! Time to gather inspiration and get to work.

For years, my favorite kind of kind of bedrooms for kids have been the ones that are playful, not too matchy-matchy, and have some grown up elements mixed in. All the better if it’s done in a minimal bohemian style like these.

What kind of children’s bedroom do you love best? – Eva

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The Midsummer Mingle, Part 2

Indigo paper | A Midsummer Mingle | Shibori dyed indigo curtains by Sycamore Street Press

I’m back with a few more photos by Natalie Norton of the Midsummer Mingle we co-hosted. I’m still thinking about it and wishing I could go back and chat some more with all of the lovely people there.

Last time, I walked you through the grounds and around the party. This time, I’ll show you the Sycamore Street Press area in a little more detail.

(Also, I have no idea who that little boy is, but he might just have to be in every single one of our photo shoots from now on.)

Click through to see our indigo bohemian space…

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Black is the New Black

Black is the New Black
  1. I love candles and I love grapefruit, so this sweet grapefruit candle hits the jackpot.
  2. I already know who I want to give this letterpress print to.
  3. Madewell always has great sandals, like this gladiator sightseer sandal.
  4. 100% obsessed with this eyeball print clutch.
  5. I love how this key tag looks like it’s from a classic hotel.


By SSP contributor, Annie Steward. Also find her at Postcards From College.

Citrus Summer

Citrus Summer
  1. This necklace is on my wish list – just look at those tassels!
  2. Loving the colors of this card (and the fox, too).
  3. How great is the silver arrow closure on this bag?
  4. This rosé wine is “Summer in a Bottle.”
  5. I love the combination of cork and gold on these coasters.


By SSP contributor, Annie Steward. Also find her at Postcards From College.