California Modern Dining Rooms

California Modern Dining Rooms | Sycamore

We just got back from the National Stationery Show in New York City! (Were you following along on Instagram: @sycamore_co?) We had a blast seeing so many new and old friends in the paper goods industry. It really is one of the most supportive crowds around. And we were thrilled with all the positive feedback (and orders! thank you!) our new Minimal Bohemian paper goods received.

I’ll have an NSS show and tell post later, but for now, let’s take a look at some beautiful dining rooms, shall we?

California Modern Dining Rooms | Sycamore

When I was growing up, my mom made sure our family ate together around the dining room table almost very night of the week. We’d talk about our day, learn table manners, hear stories from my parents’ childhoods… Afterwards, my sister and I were always in charge of cleaning up. We weren’t too fond of that part, but we’re both grateful for it now.

(Isn’t Ashley Muir Bruhn’s dining room (pictured above) especially beautiful?! I could move right in.)

California Modern Dining Rooms | Sycamore

I’m trying to do the same thing with our little family. I’ll be honest — sometimes we end up in front of the TV, or just quickly feeding the kids odds and ends from the fridge. On those days, I feel like I’ve missed out. So I resolve to try harder the following day.

California Modern Dining Rooms | Sycamore

I love airy, spacious rooms like this one. Dreamy, right?

California Modern Dining Rooms | Sycamore

Kirk and I don’t have a formal dining room, though. A little nook in the kitchen works just as well. (And no, this isn’t a photo of ours. I wish!)

California Modern Dining Rooms | Sycamore

I also love the idea of combining a dining room and library. Eating, conversing, and reading = three of my favorite things!

California Modern Dining Rooms | Sycamore

Although I love the look of a rug grounding a dining table, I’ve found that it’s not a very practical idea with our two small kids.

California Modern Dining Rooms | Sycamore

What does your dream dining room / eating nook look like?

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Photos: 1) Mark Louella Tuckey Australian Home 2) Dining Room from Ashley Muir Bruhn of Hither and Thither  3) The Barn by classic Mid-Century architect A. Quincy Jones  4) via Rue Magazine 5) Cozy table photographed by Beth Kirby 6) Ann Griswold Tyng’s home in the NYTimes  7) French minimal dining room 8) A family home in Rotterdam, The Netherlands


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  1. Oh my word… the wood pile inside the house. Such a statement and one that I’d really like to make.

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    Please tell me where to buy the black and white rug. Thank you

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    Hi where did you get the southwestern table cloth in picture 4? I’m in love!

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