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California Modern Shops | Sycamore

Back in December of 2009, Kirk and I were in San Francisco for a couple of shows, and we decided to pay a visit to our newest retailer at the time, General Store.  They had just barely opened their doors, and I don’t think they’d even had an official opening or launch yet. As we talked to the owners — Serena Mitnik-Miller and Mason St. Peter  — they explained how they hadn’t really been planning on opening a shop, but the perfect space in their neighborhood opened up and they decided to give it a shot.

Kirk and I had never seen a space quite like it. We weren’t sure what to call the style, but we loved it right away. And we were so flattered they’d decided to include our cards among their tightly curated selection of goods.

Fast forward to 2014, and General Store has grown leaps and bounds. They have a second shop in Venice Beach with partners Hannah Henderson and John Moore. I see them all over the internet. And their signature style has become a full fledged movement. – Eva

Click the link below for 5 more images of California Modern shops…

California Modern Shops | Sycamore

California Modern Shops | Sycamore

California Modern Shops | Sycamore

California Modern Shops | Sycamore

California Modern Shops | Sycamore

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Photos: 1) Venice Beach lifestyle shop General Store via Caulfield 2) Kloke clothing shop in Australia 3) Colorful finds at Dream Collective via Thunderwing Press 4) Another glimpse of General Store 5) Surf Club in Oakland 6) Little Paper Planes San Francisco


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  2. Sevan says:

    I would like to know if I could buy those large pyramid bookshelves. I live in Ontario Canada. They’re gorgeous! I’m obsessed!

    Thank you

    • Eva says:

      That photo is actually from General Store in Venice Beach, CA. Sorry about that! I’m sure you could have a carpenter make you something similar. :)

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