Where To Get Your Ice Cream Fix in Los Angeles

Where To Get Your Ice Cream Fix in Los Angeles | Sycamore

Summer is here, which means: ice cream. If you find yourself in Los Angeles this summer, remember to make ice cream a priority! xo, Annie 

1) Diddy Riese – You get your choice of freshly baked cookies and ice cream — making the inevitable line out the door worth it. 926 Broxton Avenue, Westwood, CA 90024

2) Jeni’s Splendid Ice Creams – Remember to get a pint to go, too. 1954 Hillhurst Avenue, Los Angeles, CA 90027

3) Malibu Yogurt & Ice Cream – Stop by for a scoop (or two) after spending the day at Zuma Beach. 23755 Malibu Road #600, Malibu, CA 90265

4) Salt & Straw – In addition to their shops, they also have a monthly ice cream delivery club. The future is here! 240 N. Larchmont Boulevard, Los Angeles, CA 90004

5) Sprinkles – It doesn’t get much better than ice cream scooped in between a cupcake. Make sure to stop by the Cupcake ATM, too. 9635 South Santa Monica Boulevard, Beverly Hills, CA 90210

6) Sweet Rose Creamery – Try their fresh mint with chocolate chips. Trust me. 225 26th Street #51, Santa Monica, CA 90402

Photo of Audrey Hepburn in Roman Holiday via Pinterest

10 Hip Shops in Minneapolis

10 Hip Shops in Minneapolis | Sycamore

I grew up in Minnesota and go back home as often as possible! One of the many reasons I love Minnesota is because there’s truly something for everyone…the explorer, the foodie, the artist, the theatre goer, the music lover, and yes, the shoppers, whom this list is for. Next time you’re in Minneapolis…make sure to check out the following shops (right after spending a day on the lake, eating a Jucy Lucy, and checking out the amazing theaters and museums this city also has to offer). – Annie

10 Hip Shops in Minneapolis | Sycamore

1) Bogart’s Doughnut Co. – Get there early for freshly baked doughnuts. 904 West 36th Street, Minneapolis, MN 55408

2) The Foundry – From Minnesota-made beeswax candles to goods from around the globe, you are sure to find that perfect gift (and pick up something for yourself, too). 25 North 1st Street, Minneapolis, MN 55401

3) Greater Goods – You won’t be able to leave this cute card and gift shop empty handed. 2515 Nicollet Avenue, Suite B, Minneapolis, MN 5540

4) Hunt & Gather – Minnesota doesn’t joke around when it comes to antique stores and Hunt & Gather is no exception. Set aside a few hours (at least) to wander around. 4944 Xerxes Avenue, Minneapolis, MN 55410

5) Mille – A bright, colorful boutique with a focus on female designers and goods made in the USA. 316 W 48th Street, Minneapolis, MN 55419

10 Hip Shops in Minneapolis | Sycamore

6) Parc – A minimalist’s heaven with timeless pieces for your wardrobe and home. 320 East Hennepin Avenue, Minneapolis, MN 55414

10 Hip Shops in Minneapolis | Sycamore

7) Pharmacie – With a perfectly curated selection of home and lifestyle goods guaranteed to leave you feeling a little bit cooler. 2743 Lyndale Avenue S, Minneapolis, MN 55408

8) Spruce – Like a light bulb to all flower-loving moths. 4751 Chicago Avenue S, Minneapolis, MN 55407

9) Truce – Pick up a bottle of fresh-pressed juice before walking (and let’s be real, people watching) around Lake Calhoun. 1428 W. 32nd Street, Minneapolis, MN

10 Hip Shops in Minneapolis | Sycamore

10) Willful – Simple home goods that combine organic materials with unexpected colors. 319 West 48th Street, Minneapolis, MN  55419, USA

Photos: 1) Wing Ta via NH-id, 2) Alex Anne Photography, 3) Wing Ta via NH-id, 4) Wing Ta via The American Edit, 5) Canary Grey Photography, 6) Ashley Sullivan

12 Magazines We’re Currently Reading

12 Magazines We're Currently Reading | Sycamore

I have been on a major magazine kick lately. I mean, I’ve always adored them, but it’s a really exciting time right now with all the independent titles popping up alongside the classics. Keep reading to see some of the titles the Sycamore team and I have been loving.

Architecture / Design

Architectural Digest is a vibrant monthly celebration of international design talents, innovative homes and products, inspiring decorating ideas, culture, and travel.

Elle Decor offers elegant home decor inspiration and interior design ideas.

12 Magazines We're Currently Reading | Sycamore


Bon Appétit is where food and culture meet.

Gather Journal is a bi-annual, recipe-driven food magazine dedicated to the many aspects of gathering: to dine, to drink, to harvest, and, most importantly, to cook. Dig in!

12 Magazines We're Currently Reading | Sycamore


Darling Magazine aims to redefine femininity and beauty through thought-provoking and counter-cultural perspectives. Our goal is to inspire, revive, and restore women by helping them find their true purpose and worth.

Kinfolk is a slow lifestyle magazine that explores ways for readers to simplify their lives, cultivate community and spend more time with their friends and family.

Naturally, Danny Seo looks at living the healthy, natural and good for you life with a fresh, authoritative voice that covers everything from food, beauty, travel, home, and entertaining all through Danny’s unique point-of-view as America’s leading guru of green living.

Real Simple provides smart, realistic solutions to everyday challenges, all to make your life easier.

12 Magazines We're Currently Reading | Sycamore


AFAR inspires and enables those who travel the world seeking to have deeper and more fulfilling travel experiences.

Cereal is a bi-annual magazine about travel and style. Exclusive stories, features, film, playlists and online travel guides.

Condé Nast Traveler is filled with the travel secrets of celebrated writers and sophisticated travelers.

Tiny Atlas Quarterly is a lifestyle travel magazine filled with rich, beautiful stories that unfold through images, art, and personal accounts of fascinating people and remarkable places.

12 Magazines We're Currently Reading | Sycamore

Photos: 1) Ed Reeve via We Heart, 2) Mikkel Vang via Elle Decor, 3) Anders Schønnemann via Kinfolk, Anaïs & Dax via Tiny Atlas Quarterly, & 5) Ben Youssef via Cereal.

This Must Be The Place: 12 Cozy Cabins

This Must Be The Place: 12 Cozy Cabins | Sycamore

A sleek, modern cabin with a black exterior.

This Must Be The Place: 12 Cozy Cabins | Sycamore

How charming is this countryside cabin?

This Must Be The Place: 12 Cozy Cabins | Sycamore

These bright and bold bohemian interiors are surprisingly cozy.

This Must Be The Place: 12 Cozy Cabins | Sycamore

Sigh. These simple cabins in Iceland look so idyllic.

This Must Be The Place: 12 Cozy Cabins | Sycamore

Camping and preparing a Scandinavian feast in the middle of the forest.

This Must Be The Place: 12 Cozy Cabins | Sycamore

Loving the modern design of this cabin with warm touches like the wicker basket and wooden bowls.

This Must Be The Place: 12 Cozy Cabins | Sycamore

Obsessed with the gorgeous textiles in this yurt.

This Must Be The Place: 12 Cozy Cabins | Sycamore

A storybook log cabin tucked away in the Apache-Sitgreaves National Forest in northern Arizona.

This Must Be The Place: 12 Cozy Cabins | Sycamore

A waterside cabin on stilts in Greenland.

This Must Be The Place: 12 Cozy Cabins | Sycamore

Plywood walls and concrete floors for a modern cabin.

This Must Be The Place: 12 Cozy Cabins | Sycamore

It’s no surprise that Ralph Lauren’s 16,000-acre Colorado ranch is perfectly rustic.

This Must Be The Place: 12 Cozy Cabins | Sycamore

What better way to escape the snow than in this tiny log cabin?

1) Philip Ficks via Lonny, 2) Michael Graydon via Kinfolk, 3) Australian House & Garden 1975 via Flickr, 4) Flickr, 5) Anders Overgaard via Bon Appétit, 6) Jorge Lopez Conde via Trendir, 7) Domino, 8) Flickr, 9) Úlfur Björnsson via Flickr, 10) Gilles de Chabaneix via Architectural Digest, 12) Tumblr

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24 Hours in NYC (With or Without Kids)

If you’re looking for the perfect, classic travel day in Manhattan, this is it. There are two great parts about this itinerary: 1) It can work perfectly for a single person, a couple, or a family with kids, depending on the way you tweak it, and 2) It’s budget friendly, but feels rich.

24 Hours in NYC (With or Without Kids) | Sycamore

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Southern Utah (With Kids, in the Heat of Summer)

Sometimes I get so caught up in my dreams of far off places that I forget what amazing things are on my very doorstep! Utah has such a striking landscape — from the forested mountains, to the red rock deserts, to the bleached white salt flats… Kirk and I have decided that we need to take more advantage of this and share these places with Ingrid and Lars. Whenever we can, we plan out a Saturday adventure to somewhere nearby.

Southern Utah (With Kids, in the Heat of Summer) | Sycamore

We’re also trying to take little weekend trips when we can. This summer, we headed to Southern Utah to explore Canyonlands and more with our family and a visiting friend… Unfortunately, there was a huge heat wave while we were there. That, combined with the fact that we had our two small kids in tow, meant the normal recreational activity of tourists to the area — hiking  — wasn’t really an option. We still had so much fun, though, and I highly recommend a visit if you haven’t already been. Keep reading to see the places we discovered… Read More…

10 Textile Ideas to Obsess Over

10 Textile Ideas to Obsess Over | Sycamore

I have a dream that one day I’ll wander all over the world collecting beautiful textiles as I go. They’re beautiful, useful, full of history and culture, and easy to transport… and I’m obsessed. The image above is from Vogue Magazine — wouldn’t you die to have that terrace with its whitewashed walls, wooden beams, and of course, alluring textiles? – Eva

Click through to see 9 more creative ideas for textiles… Read More…

Desert Dreaming

Desert Dreaming | Sycamore

Desert Dreaming | Sycamore

Desert Dreaming | Sycamore

Desert Dreaming | Sycamore

Desert Dreaming | Sycamore

Desert Dreaming | Sycamore

Desert Dreaming | Sycamore

Desert Dreaming | Sycamore

Desert Dreaming | Sycamore

Desert Dreaming | Sycamore

1) Anthropologie 2) Kevin Russ 3) Lisa Orgini 4) MessyNessy 5) Sarah Eisenlohr 6) Wilder California 7) Nicole Franzen 8) Nicole Franzen 9) Georgia O’Keeffe and Her Houses 10) Kevin Russ

The desert has always been a part of my life and my inspiration (find an example here). I feel a road trip coming on…

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The Mountains Are Calling

During the summer, my family used to take road trips out west to Wyoming and Montana. The close quarters in the car were always worth it once the peaks came into view…but that didn’t mean the bickering between my brothers and I stopped (Sorry, Mom and Dad). These pictures have me dreaming about mountains near and far… – Annie

The Mountains Are Calling | Sycamore

The Mountains Are Calling | Sycamore

The Mountains Are Calling | Sycamore

The Mountains Are Calling | Sycamore

The Mountains Are Calling | Sycamore

The Mountains Are Calling | Sycamore

1) Alex Strohl 2) Pedalhead’71 3) Miss Moss 4) jedsundwall 5) Homecamp 6) Ashley Day

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The 12 Best Second-Hand Shops in Stockholm


Who knew that Stockholm was such a wonderful place for second hand shopping?! My friend Meta and I went to so many thrift stores and vintage boutiques while we were there and found loads of great things.  Officially, we were sourcing props and wardrobe for a short film. But let’s be honest, we walked away with a bunch of things for ourselves, too. If only we could have fit more into our suitcases!

Keep reading to see my list of the 12 best second-hand shops in Stockholm…

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9 Best Photo-Ops in Stockholm


While travelling, I usually just pull out my camera (or iPhone) and take photos whenever something catches my eye. I like the spontaneity of it. But on our recent trip to Sweden, since I was location scouting for our NØRR (our film production company) I decided to be more strategic. After searching through photos from my previous trip to Stockholm, speaking to friends who had been there, and doing some online research, I discovered some pretty amazing spots that I’d love to share with you…

Keep reading to see Stockholm’s 9 best photo-ops… Read More…

Los Angeles: A Travel Guide

Los Angeles: A Travel Guide | Sycamore

I recently spend 10 days soaking up inspiration in Los Angeles, California, with my husband Kirk, and I’d love to share what I found. Each item in this guide is something that we personally visited and loved. It’s not an exhaustive list, but rather, a collection of carefully researched and vetted places, with the focus being on design, art, and food.

Click through to see my travel guide to LA, organized by neighborhood/geography from East to West…

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Tropical Inspiration

Tropical Inspiration | Sycamore

The leaves may be turning colors here in the mountains where I live, but I’m still feeling inspired by the tropics. Tropical plant life mixed with modern architecture (like in the photo below) was a big source of inspiration for my Bright Brush collection of cards. (Other sources of inspiration: post-modernism, brightly painted macaroni necklaces, and Australian design.)

And then in August, we were able to have a family reunion in Vieques, Puerto Rico, which is where I snapped these photos. Crescent-shaped, white sand beaches rimmed with palm trees all to ourselves — it was paradise.

I’m sure I’ll be coming back to these photos for a little warm weather inspiration all winter long! – Eva

Tropical Inspiration | Sycamore

Tropical Inspiration | Sycamore

Tropical Inspiration | Sycamore

Tropical Inspiration | Sycamore

Tropical Inspiration | Sycamore

Tropical Inspiration | Sycamore

Also, Vieques with kids, 5 Favorite local spots in New York City, and stationery show tips.

Vieques with Kids

VIeques, Puerto Rico with Kids

Where do you go for a family reunion with small children involved? It’s tricky, right? In my extended family, there are 7 kids ages 4 and under (including my two). I’ve learned that the only vacations I want to take with that many littles involved are the kinds where we just stay in one spot. Preferably, with access to a body of water.

With that in mind, my siblings and I spent some time searching through several home rental sites. We considered North Carolina’s Outer Banks, Michigan’s Upper Peninsula, the central California coast, and lots of places in between. But the location that had the nicest big houses for the best prices (within the US) was Puerto Rico.

Plane tickets to PR were the same as plane tickets to the East Coast, which seemed like a great deal. (And we’re scattered across the country, so flying would have to be involved no matter what.) In addition, none of us had ever been to Puerto Rico, so we were excited at the prospect. With all that in mind, we booked our trip. Despite some unforeseen hiccups, I’m so glad we did! It really was one of those memorable trips we’ll be talking about forever.

More about Vieques with Kids (including tips & recommendations) after the jump…

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My Mother’s Creative Influence

My Mother's Creative Influence | Sycamore

When my mom was 12 years old, her family moved to Paris. Every Saturday, she’d hop a train into central Paris with her friends, and together they’d spend the whole day roaming that beautiful city — playing guitar in the park, checking out clothing boutiques, eating baguettes, and generally having a ball. She quickly picked up the language, a Parisian sense of style, an appreciation of good food, and a certain je ne sais quoi…

That’s her in the photo above, standing in front of the Pompidou Museum. The year — 1978. The outfit — classic. The white suit, the delicate rings on each finger, the contrasting bag slung over her arm… I feel like it would look just as chic on the streets of Paris today.

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5 Local Favorites in New York City

5 Local Favorites in New York City  | Sycamore

Travel is one of my favorite things in the whole wide world. When I travel, I absolutely love getting tips from locals — even better if they share my love of good design and food. So I thought I’d start asking some of my fellow online creatives for advice on what to visit in their home towns. I’m doing an original hand drawn or hand painted illustration for each post and I’m calling the series 5 Local Favorites.

First up is my friend, editorial hairstylist Rubi Jones, from New York City. Rubi styles hair for photo shoots, fashion shows, Little Axe Salon, and she blogs at She Lets Her Hair Down. She is also a co-owner of The Period Store, a subscription based service where a monthly package with your choice of chocolate, ibuprofen, tampons, and other necessities gets delivered right to your door. Genius.

Enjoy reading Rubi’s NYC tips! – Eva
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California Modern Shops

California Modern Shops | Sycamore

Back in December of 2009, Kirk and I were in San Francisco for a couple of shows, and we decided to pay a visit to our newest retailer at the time, General Store.  They had just barely opened their doors, and I don’t think they’d even had an official opening or launch yet. As we talked to the owners — Serena Mitnik-Miller and Mason St. Peter  — they explained how they hadn’t really been planning on opening a shop, but the perfect space in their neighborhood opened up and they decided to give it a shot.

Kirk and I had never seen a space quite like it. We weren’t sure what to call the style, but we loved it right away. And we were so flattered they’d decided to include our cards among their tightly curated selection of goods.

Fast forward to 2014, and General Store has grown leaps and bounds. They have a second shop in Venice Beach with partners Hannah Henderson and John Moore. I see them all over the internet. And their signature style has become a full fledged movement. – Eva

Click the link below for 5 more images of California Modern shops…

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The Midway Ice Castles

The Midway Ice Castles | Sycamore

In the winter, I usually just want to hole up in my cozy home and printshop… but the other day, Kirk and I decided we would head over to the Midway Ice Castles and see what all the fuss was all about. We were not disappointed.  They are incredible! How could they have been around for so many years before we decided to check them out?! Ingrid loved finding her way through the maze-like tunnels, and Lars looked fascinated and kept trying to reach out and touch the ice.

The Midway Ice Castles | Sycamore

The Midway Ice Castles | Sycamore

We’re lucky to live just across the valley from the ice castles, but if you live elsewhere in Utah or happen to be visiting the Beehive State in winter, I definitely recommend a field trip. – Eva

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Paris with a Toddler, part 1

Paris with a Toddler | Sycamore Street Press

Traveling to Paris with a toddler is no joke. High chairs are scarce, using a stroller can be a nightmare, and restaurants don’t even open for dinner before 7PM. But… it’s Paris. And as Audrey Hepburn said, Paris is always a good idea. Read More…

5 Must See Shops in Helsinki

5 Must See Shops in Helsinki | Sycamore

Shopping in Helsinki is a lot of fun. Interesting and stylish boutiques, friendly shopkeepers, and a concentrated shopping area make it easy to have a good time. Start at Market Square (Kauppatori), then work your way up the Esplanadi (a grand boulevard with a park running down the middle of it) and back down the shopping street that runs parallel to it — Aleksanterinkatu. I came back with a few unique gifts and souvenirs to take home along with loads of inspiration for Sycamore Street Press. – Eva

1) Eat & Joy Farmer’s Market (Maatilatori) – Full of local Finnish food items — everything from bread to chocolate to fresh produce — this is the perfect place to stop in for lunch and pick up some souvenirs for your family back home. I chose some Finnish artisanal chocolate and black licorice to bring back as gifts, then sat down for their lunch special. It’s a thing they do all over Helsinki — you get the soup of the day, salad, bread, and coffee or tea for a set price. It’s a great deal, and the spread at Eat & Joy was hearty and delicious.

2) Marimekko – I’ve been a fan of this famous Finnish brand since forever, so of course I HAD to see their flagship store in Helsinki. It did not disappoint. Big airy rooms, bright colors and patterns everywhere you look, it had me drooling. I tried on a few dresses, but being pregnant at the time, they didn’t fit quite right. Bad timing! Next time…

3) The Academic Bookstore (Akateeminen) – Even if you only go for the architecture, it’s well worth it. Designed by the great Finnish architect, Alvar Aalto, the soaring ceilings, skylights, and modern lines are simply beautiful to look at. But they also have a great collection of books and one of the best selections of English language books we saw on our entire European trip. Kirk and I each picked up some reading for the trip, and Ingrid picked out a couple of small books that are still favorites almost a year later.

4) Monki – Now I realize that this is a Swedish chain store, and therefore shouldn’t really be on this list. BUT. 1) It’s awesome. It seems like every other person on the Stockholm Street Style blog is wearing something from this place. 2) It’s affordable. 3) We don’t have it in the States, so if you happen to go to Helsinki (or any big city in Scandinavia) you should check it out. I bought a couple of necklaces there, and I get complimented every time I wear them.

5) Market Square (Kaupatori) – A picturesque marketplace right on the waterfront, you can find everything from reindeer pelts, to umbrellas, to a warm plate of sausage and potatoes. When the weather turned freezing during our October trip, Kirk bought a pair of handknit mittens. (The market at Hakaniemi Square is also great, but you’ll have to hop on a tram to get there from the downtown shopping area. )

Also: The best way to see Helsinki monuments, and the fascinating island fortress of Suomenlinna.