Pregnancy Tips: How to Survive the Third Trimester

Pregnancy Tips: How to Survive the Third Trimester | Sycamore Street Press

I feel like a whiner by saying it, but this third trimester of pregnancy hit me hard. If you’ve had a baby, or are expecting right now, maybe you know the feeling? But let’s do the chant together — “It’s All Worth It!” Of course it is, and I know that I’m lucky to be pregnant at all. But at the end of the day, when my joints ache so much that every movement feels like I’m being pierced by daggers, it can be easy to forget.

I’ve made a list of the things that are getting me through… but I would honestly love your input as well!

1) Naps – I don’t have time to take one every day, but when I do, it makes all the difference. The piercing daggers I mentioned tend to stay away.

2) Yoga – Again, time is a factor, and I don’t have enough to go take a class. But I do DVD’s at home, and take moments here and there to stretch, breathe, and do some poses. I can feel that it gets my circulation going, alleviates some of the discomfort, and helps me feel refreshed.

3) The Chiropractor – Right now, I’m going every other week, and it makes all the difference. Joints become so loose during pregnancy, and the body is changing so much, that it’s easy for things to get out of place. As achey as I feel, I know it would be a lot worse if I weren’t getting adjusted. It’s also preparing my body for childbirth — ensuring that everything is aligned and ready for the baby to come out more smoothly. Worked with my first! (If you haven’t been before and are thinking of making an appointment, make sure that the practitioner is qualified to work on expecting mothers and has an adjustable table.)

4) Green Smoothies – I’m craving fruit — especially juicy fruits like grapefruits and pomegranates. So I throw them into the blender along with a bunch of greens, and I’m know I’m getting lots of vitamins and enzymes for the little one. It just feels healthy.

4) Massages – Sometimes I ask Kirk to give me a back rub and loosen up all the knots. He’s a sweetie and it really helps… but I’m daydreaming about getting a professional prenatal massage as well.

5) Sweatpants – And t-shirts, and Uggs, and leggings, and all those easy, comfy kinds of clothes. I’m normally not the kind of person who dresses like this day to day, but I’ve given myself permission and am LOVING it.

5) Taking it Easy – I admit it. This is the hardest thing to do. With a business to run, design deadlines to meet, a toddler to take care of, church responsibilities, home renovations & projects to finish up, etc… I just want to go-go-go all the time and get it done. But I’ve been trying to make myself slow down. Especially since I fell off a ladder last week. (Don’t worry, it was scary, but the baby and I are fine.) Having a healthy full-term baby is more important than checking every item off of my to-do list, obviously. But for someone with a type A personality, it doesn’t hurt to be reminded.

What has helped you or your loved ones? Please share! Thanks – Eva


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  1. Carrie Pony says:

    Oh, I totally feel you on all of these things. The 3rd trimester has been ROUGH. I’m also seeing a chiropractor which has made all the difference in the world with my joint pain. I’m lucky enough to have a friend who is a massage therapist, so I’ve been getting regular professional massages, too. But I still have my husband, Johan, rub my back every night! :)

    One thing that I’ve found helps with my pelvic/hip pain is to get on all fours and have J push inward on my hips – this also works while sitting backwards in a chair or on a birthing ball. The pressure feels so good! And definitely get a birthing ball if you don’t have one. It really helps keep my pelvic bones shift in the right way, and they’re great for bouncing and soothing the baby after birth.

    Hang in there, my friend. We’re in the home stretch!

    • Eva says:

      Hi Carrie – Yes, we’re on this together! Thanks for the tip on the hip maneouver. I’m going to try that. And I’ve been meaning to blow up our big excercise ball thingy… thanks for reminding me! It was my favorite thing during labor with Ingrid, so I’m sure it would help now, too. Luckily, I’m feeling better from when I wrote this post, though. Turns out he was resting right on top of my sciatic nerve. Fun. But now he’s moved, so although I’m still not very comfortable (how can you be at this point?) I’m MUCH better than I was. You hang in there, too! So excited see pics of your little one!

  2. Nicole says:

    eva!! you fell off a ladder?! don’t make me get angry… i have the same type A personality as you, but keep it to a step stool, ok? ok, good. =) i actually felt that the more active and busy i was in the third trimester, especially this last time, it makes me feel better. i would NOT tell you to take it easy. no more climbing up on things, but otherwise, do what you gotta do. i’m sure it makes you feel better to know you’re still getting stuff done, and it will make your body feel better not to be sitting all the time. in a way, i miss it. now, with feeding the george, i sit WAY too much. i need to get back to being up and out.

    • Eva says:

      Hey Nic,

      Ha ha, I love it! I know… no more ladders. But yes, I do want to get a lot done before he arrives! Because I know that if I don’t, it will take me months and months afterwards to get back on track. At least that’s how it was with Ingrid. And I’m actually feeling a little better since I wrote the post — more up to getting things done.

  3. Veeda says:

    Amen to taking it easy. I recently got a hair cut, which helped shake things up a bit. It was a much needed change during this last trimester slump!

    • Eva says:


      Yes, you’re right there with me, aren’t you? I’ve been thinking that a trip to the hair salon is needed… especially since after the baby arrives, I doubt I’ll be able to go for quite a while. Good luck with the final weeks! xo

  4. jo says:

    the third trimester is rough, and i’m sorry to say that at least for me it has gotten harder and harder with every pregnancy. i’m so glad you’re giving your self permission to take it easy and wear comfy clothes, that’s great! and i love yoga. it has really made life better for me. it sounds like you’ve really got it down. i did hypnobabies with my last pregnancy, and it was AWESOME. not just for the delivery, but during the pregnancy. there are a lot of relaxation techniques and focus on breathing, if you like yoga you might like it too. i don’t think i could’ve gotten through my pregnancy without it. i loved it. anyway, best wishes to you!

  5. Maggie says:

    I’ve only got +/-5 weeks left!
    This is my first pregnancy and was VERY sick in first trimester, 2nd trimester is a blur and I am LOVING 3rd trimester. (BAD heartburn & reflux aside)

    Smoothies and salads are perfect right now. I don’t have crazy cravings, but when I do, like andything cinnamon, I let myself enjoy them.

    I go to a pre-natal yoga class at the Y once a week. I also so silly ball exercises and anything “Pre-natal” i see on YouTube in between. My husband is great about rubbing my back and feet 😉 I had a prenatal massage early in my 2nd trimester, but really, the massage is not the same as when you can lay on your belly, so I am looking forward to getting a good post-natal one.

    I too am living in leggings..or maxi skirts. Naps are a must, but some days are going too fast. If I don’t get a nap, I can definitely feel it.

    I’m a photographer and had a master plan of catch-up on so many photo edits, and shoots for personal projects before the baby came, and of course only got to half of it.
    I decided to not stress, and to take it easy. I am enjoying this nesting time way too much and I just want to absorb as much as I can. (I follow you on Pinterest!) I have one newborn shoot left this week, and I will be all caught up on client work. My personal stuff can wait 😉
    I guess I’m lucky to be enjoying it, maybe because it is my first. But it makes me melancholy to hear friends say “eh, pregnancy is going okay i just miss my old body” Ick, really?

    • Eva says:

      Hey Maggie – Sounds like you’ve got it under control! Lucky that you can put your work on hold. That’s great. :) Best of luck with the final weeks… and congratulations!

  6. Alison says:

    HA! I’m like writing the exact same post! EXCEPT our only crossover is sweatpants! then again I think you’re a more well-blanaced soul! you’re the best!

  7. Bri says:

    So glad to hear that you saw a chiropractor during the pregnancy, and that it was helpful! I am a student in chiropractic college right now, and try to explain to all the expecting mothers I know the importance of getting adjusted. Do your little ones see a chiropractor as well?

    • Eva says:

      Hi Bri! Yes, it helped me so much during my pregnancy and childbirth. I did bring my babies to see the chiropractor within a few weeks of being born to get adjusted.. I would love to go back more often, but sadly it is not covered by our insurance or within our budget for now. Best of luck to you with your schooling.

  8. Dani Bennett says:

    BATHS! I have 3 weeks till my due date and I take a bath almost everyday. I love to throw in some body oil and essential oils (lavender is my favorite). I feel weightless in the water and it relieves so much pressure and relaxes my muscles. When I get out I throw on comfy pjs and do some stretching in the dark and then head to bed before the lavender wears off. Gets me sleeping so fast and my body feels brand new.

    Good luck on your last little bit, you can do it!

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